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Stop Sweaty Hands – Botox or Iontophoresis, Temporary or Permanent Relive for Hand Sweat?

If you have excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis, you are not alone. Millions of sufferers with this condition have been suffering silently, getting over the day bearing with the embarrassment, frustrations as well as discomfort as best they could. I know as I too used to have excessive hand sweat. It became severe when I reached young adulthood and my palms literally dripped sweat. Here is my experience with two treatments which I have undertaken to Stop Sweaty Hands and here are the results upon comparison for your reference.

Botox injections have become extremely popular in recent years and there is no doubt that botox injections are the latest treatment to stop sweaty hands that has taken the fraternity by storm. For those who have deep pockets, there is no reason at all as to why they should not use botox treatment for hand sweat. How it works is that the doctor will administer a few hundred little jabs into both your palms. These jabs which contain Botulinum Toxin Type A block and paralyze the nerves, hence temporarily stopping the hand sweat. The down side of this method is that you are subjected to hundreds of jabs and to those of you who are afraid of injections, this could be a real nightmare to contend with. In addition, you will get a temporary discomfort of numbing effect on your palms right after the treatment, which wears off within a day or two. The key disadvantage of this treatment is its cost, which runs into hundreds of dollars per session and you need to keep repeating the sessions every three months to ensure dry palms.

Another alternative is the age-old iontophoresis treatment, which has also successfully treated millions of patients since its debut more than 50 years ago. It does not require injections of any kind, nor does it require surgery. It uses iontophoresis process of transmitting a very mild electric current through water where your palms are soaked, thereby blocking the sweat glands from working up. It only takes about a week of daily sessions to see effective results and it has no known side effect. The machine cost less than one session of botox treatment for hand sweat. However, should you find that it is still beyond your budget, fret not. The alternative is that you could easily make your own Iontophoresis Machine, which I did for myself. All you need is about 20 dollars and within about 30 minutes to assemble. The materials are daily household items available at your local hardware store.

Now you have a clearer picture on how these two-treatment work. There is absolutely no need for you to suffer silently and hide away from social interaction. You too, can Stop Sweaty Hands, with the only Homemade Iontophoresis Handbook here and liberate yourself and live life anew.


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